Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eric Chahi, Interview : "From Dust"

NEW Project : "From Dust" !

My new game I am working on : "From Dust", since two years.

We are only 3 artists on this project, it's not very usual at Ubisoft ! rolf :)

So, I have done only  few concept art, between Art direction, and HARD work, zbrush, silo, mudbox, 3dsmax, etc..  I learned a lot and I love that !

The game will be released next spring !


The Tribe :

Concept Art / 3D Paint over, from a zbrush model Cedric Seaut.

tech demo :

Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to track new interesting images on the web.

I want to share a small trick I use to improve my imagination and my knowledges in Art.

First, imagination need to be feeded. More you can watch new things, more you can mix and create new ideas. Also I try to not follow other artist in the same category as me. I prefer be inspired by 2D designer, industrial designer, photographer, architect, and so. Because  a diverse source of inspiration is one of the key point for new ideas.

I'm connected to these RSS which are actively searching some new stuff.

I use for agregate them.

Firefox and "Save Image in Folder" plugin to save and organize.

Here they are ! Hundreds of interesting images, illustrations, design, architecture and so... by weeks.


Monday, January 18, 2010

My first game as a Concept Artist

Prince of Persia - Warrior within

I came to Montreal for this game and this job. It was one of my best decision in my life. Thanks to Nicolas Bouvier alias Sparth who encouraged the frog to jump the Atlantic. It was the begining of a very strong experience with talented illustrators. And I really don't know if it was a good decision to come back to France some years after ! But fortunately Internet making the world more accessible... And the frog can jump again !

"Prince of Persia - Two Thrones"

An other comeback !

This opus of Prince of Persia was the next after the darkest: "Warriors within". I started to work on it in the Ubisoft Morocco studio . It was a quite interesting experience to live there 3 months, between Montreal and Casablanca. This project improved my feeling for mysterious and shadowed environnements.

Far Cry II

I had worked on Far Cry II, at the early stage of development, before coming back to Prince of Persia (2008). And I have made few researches. This project was interesting but I much prefer the imaginary and mysterious world of Prince of Persia. So I quickly switched ! Also I think a concept artist is not really necessary on a comtemporary and realistic game like Far Cry because photo referecences are much better and efficient for a strong Art Direction.

Prince of Persia - 2008

The lastest "Prince of persia" ("Warriors within" and "Two thrones") was quite darker. And much of the Concept Art was in monochromatic colorimetry with strong contrast. Before this episode I don't used a lot of complex colorimetry. I had to push my skill  and I have learned a lot.

I was really happy to do so.

More "Prince of Persia" (2008) Concept Art here

First !

Well, it's my first post here !

I hesitated a long time before opening a blog about my work. Because it will take a lot of time to do it well and interesting. I also want to write in english even if it's not really easy for me ! and maybe for the reader ? ;)

English speaker, please send me an email if I write something really wrong !

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so welcome !