Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to track new interesting images on the web.

I want to share a small trick I use to improve my imagination and my knowledges in Art.

First, imagination need to be feeded. More you can watch new things, more you can mix and create new ideas. Also I try to not follow other artist in the same category as me. I prefer be inspired by 2D designer, industrial designer, photographer, architect, and so. Because  a diverse source of inspiration is one of the key point for new ideas.

I'm connected to these RSS which are actively searching some new stuff.

I use for agregate them.

Firefox and "Save Image in Folder" plugin to save and organize.

Here they are ! Hundreds of interesting images, illustrations, design, architecture and so... by weeks.



Tonic said...
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Tonic said...

I knew about RSS, but never thought it could be so useful. Seeing so many photos/descriptions from different sites on single site or RSS reader sounds cool. I'm actually testing RSS readers to find the most comfortable :)

Federico Bertolucci said...

Un lavoro davvero impressionante! Ti ho scoperto per caso su Cghub e sono rimasto colpito dal tuo enorme talento. Complimenti. Una domanda tecnica: per dipingere queste immagini usi una semplice pen tablet o una Cintiq?

Tom Scholes said...

Ohhhhhhhhh these are nice links :)
I prefer Google Reader, with bloglines it seems like you have to read all of them or it doesn't save it ... I dunno. Try it out.

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BARONTiERi said...

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Dilanka S said...

thanks for sharing, your work rocks!